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Classic Techniques You Can Expect During Counseling

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When troubled individuals attend counseling sessions, they naturally enter with their guards up, and this is the main obstacle that a Psychologist has to face. There are a lot of theories when it comes to the human mind and how it works, these theories have their unique approach to try and bring those walls down in attempts to figure out the cause of their mental breakdowns or issues. We will briefly discuss a few examples of the techniques that they practice; I believe that patients need to know the intentions of the psychologist in hopes that they will be more cooperative during sessions.  


It is difficult for people to accept that they may require professional help. Naturally, they wouldn’t want to be a labeled as a person who is crazy because that is what society usually associates individuals with going to see a therapist or psychologist. Mental health is real, and it can affect how people live their lives, and without paying much attention to their mental health, they could very much be headed down a path of no return.   

We want to give patients a new point of view when it comes to receiving treatment; we want them to believe that there is nothing to be ashamed of because people experience this kind of hardship. Also, the whole point is to bring them back to a state where they can be pleased and contribute to society.  

One of the common and useful techniques used will be the Free Association Test, and this enables the patient to blurt out words that are coming from their subconscious. The counselors try to eliminate their time to think and choose their words, but say certain words that first pop up from their brain. The words used are seen as clues that may lead to unraveling the mystery of a depressed or traumatized patient. All the words will be listed down, and they will be studied together with the client to check if has any significance.  

The empty chair is one of the most effective techniques used to get through the deepest darkest secrets of a person. For example, there is a client who has a terrible rift with a person, and he hates talking about that particular issue. The counselor will have the patient sit down in a chair, facing him will be an empty chair, and he will pretend that sitting down in that chair will be the person who he has a rift. Giving him privacy, the counselor will urge the patient to try and let out all his anger, and try to tell that person what it is you want to say as if he was sitting down in that chair.  

People feel insecure, unsafe, and ashamed about their problems. It can be hard for them to trust people and open up to them about their issues in life. With counseling, you are given an individual who is trust worthy, a person who will listen and guide you through your dark times. If you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, just visit this website 

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